SPACECUBED design studio has been developing its practice since the beginning of 2000. During this period, we have continually grown, with the help of key staff and industry experience. Positioned as an innovative design firm, with ambitions to be a leader in the design development of the built environment, we take a refreshingly positive approach to design; fostering collaboration; embracing people, design environment and technology. Driven by these considerations, SPACECUBED continues to show that good design and commercial pragmatism can happily coexist.

Our team provide interior, architectural and branding design solutions for clients in the retail, construction industry and housing market. Our diversified project experience includes residential and multi-residential, offices; commercial; hospitality; retail; sports facilities; and transportation facilities. Interior design is an integral part of Space Cubed’s practice, as is redevelopment and reuse projects.SPACECUBED’s aim is to deliver a refreshingly alternative approach to architectural design that involves, lateral thinking, creativity and solutions tailored for each unique project.

What makes SPACECUBED special are our:
Passionate People | Positive Relationships | Refreshing Values